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Childhood obesity

Every parent needs their children to be healthy. Parents show their love through many ways. Some of them show it by giving tasty food items to their children. Some parents also consider giving tasty food as a way to quite the children. The process becomes a vicious circle with children demanding more food and parents delivering all they need. Things might appear to be normal, although it is not.

As the tasty food that they consume becomes more & more, their health status also decreases considerably. The main villain in this context is what we call 'obesity'.

Although children have more energy requirement than adults, lack of physical activity can significantly dip their energy consumption. As a result, more fat gets accumulated resulting in obesity.

Obesity in childhood can also result in the onset of diseases like type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance etc. In adolescent girls, obesity may cause Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Other diseases like sleep apnea can also affect the adolescents.

Most obese children are projected to become obese adults. Management therefore is to be done as quickly as possible.

The main food items that they intake are calorie-rich snacks. Therefore, even a little consumption can result in the intake of large amounts of calories. For dealing with this situation, adequate awareness has to be given to the children. In many cases, the amount consumed by the children may be less, but their calorie content may be high. They might be of the notion that since they've consumed only little, energy consumed will be only little. This makes it necessary for educating them about the absolute energy content in the food that they take in.

Obese children are also found to have lower levels of activity compared to their normal counterparts. The physical activities of these children are found to be significantly lesser in the weekends and holidays. These children are to be encouraged to go out and do some physical activities rather than confining themselves in front of idiot boxes. The world requires men having nerves of steel & muscles of iron and not couch potatoes!