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Gastric Bypass

This is another surgical procedure which limits the food capacity of a person. Surgeries like gastric bypass are done in situations where the conventional weight loss methods like exercise and diet have not worked successfully. This method can also be used to reduce conditions like gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, heart disease etc.

Gastric bypass is considered to be one among the prominent bariatric procedures. As in any bariatric procedure, this method is used for those having a body mass index in the range 30 to 40.

The surgery consists of 2 major steps:

  • Reducing the size of the stomach is the first step. Staples are used to divide the entire portion into a larger bottom part and a relatively smaller upper portion of the stomach. This top portion is known as the pouch. Whatever the food consumed shall go into this region. The size of the pouch is only about a walnut. Therefore, one can imagine the reduction in the amount of food that is being consumed after the surgery. Approximately only 1 ounce of food can be stored in the pouch.
  • Bypass the second step. A small portion of the small intestine is connected with a small orifice the pouch. The food that has been consumed now enters the small intestine through this opening. Since small intestine is the area where the absorption of food shall take place, only few calories are being consumed.

The bypass procedure can be done in 2 major ways. It can be done either via open surgery or by using laparoscopy. As mentioned earlier, the laparoscopic procedure involves making a number of micro incisions through which the laparoscope and the micro-instruments enters the stomach. A procedure same as the above is done by looking at the camera that is attached to the tube. Obviously, this method can lead to fewer incisions, less healing time etc.

It is observed that most people experiences about 10-20 pounds per month. This is experienced during the first year. After this period, proper diet and exercise can lead to more weight loss. Weight loss can also aid in improving conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes etc.

It needs to be understood that gastric bypass is not a quick solution of obesity. Adequate lifestyle changes needs to be done with the help of Nutritionist. We have some of the best Nutritionist for Post Bariatric Surgery in hyderabad, India.

Since gastric bypass is a major surgery, it has some many risks. Some of them include blood loss, blood clots, respiratory issues etc.