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Medical Tourism for International Patients

The world is constantly progressing in 2 aspects: technologic advancements & population. Numerous persons get involved in making newer technical advancements, so that more people get benefitted by it. Simultaneously, the number of people seeking the assistance of these technologies is also shooting up. A similar trend is experienced in the medical field. With the development of newer & better medical treatments, more & more people are seeking the help of these treatments.

Currently, developing nations like India has become the center of such medical advancements. This is primarily due to the fact that there is vast number of people in the country, who are in need of better and cheaper treatment. This scenario has even invited international patients from various countries. They visit the country not only for getting themselves treated, but also as tourists who are eager to enjoy the culture and geography of the nation. This creates the phenomenon of 'medical tourism'. It is like a double-headed sword, performing 2 operations in one go. It is estimated that this field shall grow into a $2 billion industry by 2015. On an average, over 2,000,000 people visit India for this purpose and the numbers are going up.

Mostly, the patients come for specialized surgeries. Majority of the surgeries are for the treatment of common medical conditions, like lifestyle diseases. 'Diabetes' & 'obesity' are phrases that might pop up in the mind of the readers, as soon as they hear the term 'lifestyle disease'.

We at Kirloskar hospital, has been successfully practicing a relatively new form of surgery, known as the 'Ileal interposition with sleeve gastrectomy'. The surgery has attained a large percentage of success in simultaneously treating both diabetes & obesity. This has captured the global attention, as a result of which, large number of domestic and international people are seeking this treatment. We indeed take pleasure in having such large patient-base.