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Obesity overview

We all consume food to sustain life. Sometimes we might eat in excess. Nature has bestowed us with the capability to store the excess glucose as fat under our skin. This helps in utilizing this stored up energy in times of energy scarcity. But what happens when we constantly store up fat and do not utilize them? Some of our body parts bulges out due the layer-by-layer accumulation of fat. Bulged out tummies, buttocks etc are very common sights these days.

An obvious question that may pop-up in this context would be: "Just because some excess fat is accumulated, does that change the health status?" The answer would be YES. This condition has some serious health implications, which is discussed in the subsequent sections.

Obesity, as this condition is popularly known, has now affected a considerable number of people throughout the globe irrespective of all possible differences that one can think of.

The widespread nature of this condition has made certain organizations like American Medical Association to declare obesity as a disease. Statistics reveal that the number of obese people worldwide is over 520,000,000. A recent study rates Mexico as the 'fattest' country in the world followed by United States and India. There are over 92,000,000 obese persons in United States & over 85,000,000 obese individuals in India. Obese persons in India account for almost 5% of its total population.